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Always check our weekly Bulletin for the latest news in the parish. The following listing contains only some of the "highlights."

  • ST. MARY’S ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT: The Knights of Columbus, Fr. Scollen Council 8258 will again host the St. Mary’s Parish Annual Golf Tournament in support of local Youth. Mark your calendars: August 18, 2018: Registration - 11:00 am, Shotgun Start -noon. The 18 hole, Scramble Tournament will be held at the Cochrane Golf Club, and a Steak Dinner will follow at the Church parking lot (west side). Watch for ticket sales starting after Masses on June 16, 2018. First come , First served. Max 72 Golfers. Golf/Cart/Dinner: $90.00. Dinner only, $25.00

  • GROCERY CARDS – Thank you to all who are helping in this endeavor to help pay the bills! We have cards from No Frills/Superstore (5%); Save On Foods (6%); Safeway/Sobey's (5%); and NOW, returning to our inventory are cards from Co-Op at 6%. Buy your Grocery Cards in the Gathering Area after each weekend Mass, or at our Parish Office! Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated!! More info: Helen Stock (403) 932-2782 OR email hy.stock@gmail.com.

  • AND DID YOU KNOW? The St. Mary's GROCERY CARDS can also be used for BUYING YOUR GAS!!! (Exception is the Safeway/Sobey's card).

  • MASS TIMES INFORMATION for TRAVELLERS - a handy website to help you find churches and Mass times during your travels: www.masstimes.org

  • Thanks to all those who have signed up for St. Mary's Flocknote, the new "keep in touch" communication tool available to our parishioners. For more information, click HERE.

  • ONE ROCK FESTIVAL of FAITH: Inspiring Catholic young adults to be active leaders in today's challenging culture; takes place September 29, 2018. One Rock 2.0 is excited to announce that Patrick Coffin, Lizzie Reezay, and Brian Holdsworth will be joining us this September! We're inviting Catholic young adults in the Diocese of Calgary ages 18-35 to register now and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to hear from our keynote speakers about living out the Catholic faith in today's culture. Pre-register now and learn more about our speakers at www.onerock.ca

  • GET YOUR BULLETIN BY EMAIL: The email copy is in beautiful colour, and all other documents handed out with the bulletin at the church are also sent out with the email bulletin. If you are interested in saving paper, please contact Charlene at the Parish Office to be put onto the bulletin email list. PHONE: 403-932-2944 or EMAIL: secretary@stmaryscochrane.ca

  • APOSTOLIC NUNCIATURE BLESSINGS: In view of a significant event or an anniversary in the life of the parish, or of individuals and their families, it is possible to request an Apostolic Blessing. "Significant" events include Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriages and anniversaries of marriages (10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 55th, 60th …), Priestly ordination (First Mass) and their anniversaries, Religious profession and anniversaries (25th, 50th, 60th …) Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate, Birthdays (18th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th,…), etc. The request needs a recommendation by a Parish Priest or a Bishop, has to be submitted at least one month before the event, and comes as a parchment with a colour picture of the Holy Father, and artwork. There is a cost for the parchment depending of the type chosen. If you want to request an Apostolic Blessing, contact Charlene, our secretary for more information : 403 - 932 - 2944.

  • FR. DENNIS’S FEEBLE THOUGHTS ON A FEW MATTERS: I was asked to give some direction on when to sit and when to stand during Mass. Two questions were raised …
    1) When should we sit down after the Gospel is proclaimed? The proper time to sit down is after the Book of Gospels is “enthroned“ on the book stand in front of the ambo. If there is a sung response after the Gospel is read, then please remain standing until after the response is sung. Please note: No one is going to hell if they decide to sit down sooner or later!
    2) When should we sit down after Communion? The reason for standing during the Rite of Communion is that the community of faith gathered is invited to witness “everyone receiving the Eucharist.” Thus, we stand for the “act of participating in or receiving the Eucharist.” Once everyone has received the Eucharist, we can then sit down, and say a quiet prayer of thanksgiving. Please note: Some wait to sit down until after the ciboriums are carried out of the worship area to the tabernacle in the Day Chapel; however, the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist has not left the worship area when the ciboriums are carried out. The Eucharist is still present - Jesus is in everyone’s tummy! — Fr. Dennis. ofm

  • A lifeline for married couples …CONSIDERING SEPARATION OR DIVORCE? – Some marriage counsellors suggest to married couples that they attend the Retrouvaille program as a last recourse prior to filing for divorce because they have heard about the success of the methods of communication taught in this program. The program begins September 7-9, 2018. For information about registering, access their website at www.helpourmarriagecalgary.com or call 403-879- 7893 if you have further questions.

  • ST. MARY'S ART: SHARING OUR HISTORY: A QUILTED WALL HANGING — This beautiful quilted wall hanging was made by Martha Karau to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our church. It is presently on display in our Admin. Boardroom.

  • MEN'S ROSARY LEAGUE: Every third Tuesday of the month, Our Lady Of Fatima Parish, 4747 30 ST. S.E., Calgary. Join us for MASS and PRAYER and SONG! MASS - 6:30 pm; ROSARY - 7 pm. on August 21st and September 25th.

  • MASS INTENTIONS: Fr. Dennis would like to have a bit more information about the person the Mass Intention is for. If you have already booked a Mass, would you please contact the Parish Office, and share some information about the person named in the Mass Intention. At that time, please let us know if you would agree to having this information shared at the Mass for that person, or if you would prefer that the information remain with Fr. Dennis alone. Please contact the office and let us know: 403-932-2944 or secretary@stmaryscochrane.ca

  • HOLIDAYS: Fr. Dennis will be on holidays from Monday, July 2nd to Monday, July 23rd. Fr. Dan Gurnick, ofm, from Mt. St. Francis Retreat will be replacing Fr. Dennis during these weeks. Fr. Dan can be reached at the Parish Office, or at Mt. St. Francis Retreat.

  • INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC? Are you searching for a Church to call your own? Do you want to know more about the Catholic faith? The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) can help you. Every week we explore what Catholics believe about God, life, death, hope, love, forgiveness, etc. Contact Linda at lindamichaud42@gmail.com
    OLDER NON-BAPTIZED CHILDREN: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) meets weekly to prepare children (7 years and up), for the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist. For further information contact Linda at lindamichaud42@gmail.com

  • CATHOLIC CEMETERY MEMORIAL MASS for Mountain View Memorial Gardens and Good Shepherd Catholic Cemetery: Thursday, August 23 at 7:30 pm in the Prairie View Chapel of the Mountain View Funeral Home, 1605 100 Street, SE Calgary. RSVP: 403-272- 5555 or mountainview@arbormemorial.com

  • COCHRANE & WESTERN ROCKY VIEW FALL FOOD DRIVE: Saturday, September 15, 10:00 am, Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, Cochrane. Please mark your calendars!

    SUMMER AT ST. MARY’S: July And August Mass Schedule:

  • All Masses will continue as usual: Saturdays - 5:00 pm; Sundays - 10:00 am, Tuesdays - 7:00 pm; Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays - 9:00 am. Bethany Mass: Tuesday, Aug.14 at 1:30 pm. Big Hill Lodge Mass: Thursday, Aug. 9, at 10:30 am.
  • Reconciliation & Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament With Benediction: Saturdays, 11 am - 12 noon.
  • Summer Office Hours: - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 8 am - 12 noon; Fridays 9 am - 12 noon, Closed all Stat. holidays.
  • No Weekly Bulletin July & August: There will be one bulletin for July, and one bulletin for August, with notices for those months. Check the website www.stmaryscochrane.ca and bulletin boards in the church for current announcements during the summer. Weekly Bulletin will resume September 8/9.
  • Summer Liturgical Ministries: As summer approaches, we are always short of Liturgical Ministers. PLEASE come early and help when you are here for Mass. THANKS!
  • Summer Operational Expenses are about the same as for the rest of the year, but we often find that our income is reduced, as many parishioners are away. If you would like to maintain your level of contribution during your absence, please fill out the Direct Debit Authorization Form on our website, and turn it in to the Parish Office.
  • For further information, call the office at 403-932-2944, 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, Monday to Thursday, or 9:00 am to noon, Friday.

  • MOUNT ST. FRANCIS EVENTS: see our Bulletin for retreat schedules.

  • . . . AND

  • FCJ CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTRE: see our Bulletin for ongoing events.

  • CONNECTIONS: Your gift shop is stocked with lots of items such as greeting cards and stationery, ornaments, children’s books, and other seasonal items are now available. There are also many gift choices for other occasions.

  • ST. MARY’S PASTORAL CARE TEAM is eager to visit the lonely, shut-ins, aging, sick, dying and bereaved. If you would like a visit from our team or to arrange a meeting with them, please call Jim Ward (403-981-8882) or e-mail him at jimward@shaw.ca and Jim will arrange it.

  • PRAYER CHAIN:This ministry consists of a group of people who say a special prayer of their choice each day for the prayer chain intentions and especially at the time that they receive a new request. Each new intention is emailed out to the group as I get them. We currently have 64 ‘pray-ers’ but there’s always room for many more. If you wish to be added to our list of ‘pray-ers’ or if you just want to put a prayer request onto the prayer chain, please contact Linda Nicol at lindamnicol50@gmail.com

  • YOUR SACRED GARDEN LABYRINTH: Consider using the SACRED GARDEN LABYRINTH as a tool for meditation, contemplation and personal reflection. To see the VIDEOS about the LABYRINTH at St. Mary's, click either of these pages: Sacred Garden or Photos/Videos.

  • Come visit St. Mary's LENDING LIBRARY (back of the church in centre meeting room). Find BOOKS and DVDs to borrow (2 weeks at a time). NEW title and author lists are available on the "LENDING LIBRARY" page under the "ABOUT US" tab at the top of this page OR simply click HERE.

  • The DVD LENDING LIBRARY– an ongoing resource for parishioners. See table located in Gathering Area near the Connections Store. Borrow inspirational FAMILY MOVIES for 1-2 weeks. New movies added every month. Donations gratefully accepted. Proceeds to parish building fund.

  • Please pray for those in our parish who are sick or otherwise in special need of God's blessings. Many thanks!

Remember, St. Mary's is YOUR parish community. We need you! Get involved. Sign up in a parish ministry. To volunteer click HERE.

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