Grocery Cards Fundraiser

    Next 10% Tuesday is July 4, 2017. So WHOOOOOOOOO'S got theirs?

    Hello St Mary's!
    Great work, everyone. This fundraiser is making significant headway toward our Mortgage Pay-Down!! The profits for 2016 (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st) were $20, 847.00. Congratulations!

    So far in 2017, from January 1st up till June 11th, our total profits are $8688.00!! Way to go, St. Mary's!!

    • Grocery Cards are available at each weekend Mass or at the Parish Office.
    • You can purchase yours with DEBIT, cash, cheque, MASTERCARD or VISA.
    • Shop at your preferred store and St. Mary's benefits from the discounts.
    • We have cards for Co-op at a new rate (9% profit ).
    • NoFrills/Superstore (5% profit).
    • Safeway/Sobeys (5% profit).
    • Save On Foods (6% profit).

    THE GROCERY CARD PROGRAM is truly a Win-Win fundraiser. You only have to spend dollar for dollar on each and every $100 Gift Card you buy. That way, the discounts are used to help take down St. Mary's Mortgage payments. Come, purchase your cards at our GROCERY CARD table. We're open in the gathering area every weekend after Mass. The cards are also available at the Parish Office during the week.

    THANKS for buying your Grocery Cards here at St Mary's. It benefits the entire church community!!

    Till next time,
    Helen A.K.A. the Owl Lady

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