The History of St. Mary's Parish

We of St. Mary's ("The Holy Name of Mary") are proud of our Roman Catholic heritage here in the foothills of southern Alberta. For more than 100 years St. Mary's has served the faith of natives, traders and trappers, settlers, ranchers and farmers, and growing families from both rural and urban communities. Thanks to our pioneer families and their descendants, many of whom are still active in our parish today, St. Mary's remains a beacon of faith, hope, and charity in Cochrane.

Bishop Vital Grandin

Our history, which can be found in St. Mary's Cochrane, 100 Years: A Centennial Celebration 1885-1995 by Bev Pamenter (1995) and Winds of Change: A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary Since 1968 by Norman Knowles (2004), is outlined here as follows:

1872 - The great Chief Crowfoot, concerned by the devastation of the whiskey trade on his people, requested help from Bishop Vital Grandin in St. Albert. The bishop agreed to set up a Roman Catholic mission - Our Lady of Peace Mission - in the Bow River Blackfoot country. A tiny log hut was built on the Elbow River 18 K south of what is today the townsite of Cochrane.

1873 - Father Constantine Scollen arrived from St. Albert and accepted the log hut as a Catholic church, the first of any denomination south of the Red Deer River. A cross, a chapel and a small dormitory were added. .Father Scollen along with several other Oblate missionaries from St. Albert began to minister to Blackfoot Crees, Metis, trappers, and traders in the surrounding district.

1875 - While visiting Fort McLeod, Father Scollen learned that the North West Mounted Police were planning a new post at the junction of the Bow and Elbow Rivers (Fort Calgary). Subsequently, he and his assistant, Father Leon Doucet O.M.I., anticipating the new arrivals, arranged for another small church to be built just to the west of the post as part of Our Lady of Peace Mission. In 1939 a cairn was erected to mark the site, which is south of the town of Cochrane. Bishop Francis P. Carroll (see photo below) dedicated it to the memory of the early missionaries who brought Christianity to the native people and the white settlers in our area. Since then the Father Scollen Council, the name chosen by St. Mary's Knights of Columbus, has custodial charge of the cairn near Springbank.

1881 - The Cochrane Ranche (140,000 acres) was incorporated. It was the first of 54 ranches that spanned the foothills from the Bow River to Pincher Creek.

1883 - With the coming of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, the newly established hamlets of Cochrane and Mitford welcomed more settlers arriving from Europe, the United States, and Eastern Canada. Among the newcomers were Catholic immigrants from Scotland.

1887 - The Cochrane Ranche gave up much of its lease allowing settlers to homestead closer to the hamlet of Cochrane where merchants, industry, and churches began to set up business.

1885-1892 - During this time periodic visits for service were provided by Father Donat Foisy O.M.I., Father Leon Doucet O.M.I., Father Moise Blais O.M.I., and Father Benjamin Desroches O.M.I.

1892- 1896 - Monthly service was made available to St. Mary's parishioners by Father Walter Comire O.M.I.

1893 - Catholic mission stations in the Bow River corridor now included Cochrane, Canmore, Anthracite, Banff, and Fish Creek. With 90 Catholics residing in the Canmore area, Sacred Heart Church was built. A log chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption in Banff soon followed.

1895 - A census revealed 80 Catholics living in the Cochrane area thereby warranting the construction of a Catholic church in the hamlet. Land for the church was donated, the Oblate Residence in Calgary contributed $200.00, additional funds were sponsored by residents of the area (including many Protestants), and several fundraising events (bazaars and concerts) raised the rest. By the time of its building the new church was debt-free. The first priest was Father Walter Comire who was assisted by Brother Patrick Bowes. The Oblate superior at St. Mary's in Calgary, Father P. Lestanc, blessed the new church on November 24, dedicating it to "The Holy Name of Mary."

1896 - Father Comire was transferred to Saskatchewan and replaced by Father Leon Fouquet who served the Bow Corridor missions till 1899. Monthly masses were celebrated for parishioners at St. Mary's.

1899 - Father Louis Culerier O.M.I. continued monthly visits to the parish.

1900 - Father Julius Seltman was assigned the care of the missions west of Calgary. In 1901 he built a rectory just west of St. Mary's in Cochrane and resided there. St. Mary's, as part of the Bow mission, could only count on monthly masses.

1903 - Cochrane had grown sufficiently in population to warrant designation as a village.

1905 - Father Seltman moved to Banff and served Catholics, including those in Cochrane and along the Bow River corridor, from that location.

1907-1921 - Father Hubert Hermes Father Hubert Hermeswas assigned responsibility for the mission along the Bow River west of Calgary.

1912 - The Diocese of Calgary was established. Its first shepherd was Bishop John Thomas McNally who resided at St. Mary's in Calgary.

1921-1939 - St. Mary's in Cochrane and the other Bow corridor missions were cared for by a number of diocesan priests from Calgary including: Fathers Green, McAdam, and Dunbar, Father Napoleon Lebel, Fathers McLaughlin and Cunningham, Father Charles Clancy, Fathers Jacob and Fitzpatrick (who respectively took up residence in St. Mary's rectory) and Father Lyons. Monthly and bi-monthly services were conducted during this period.

1933 - Around this time a family in the parish, the Gissings, donated a painting - a copy of The Last Supper - done by Ronald Gissing whose work eventually became quite well known. However, in order to be hung over the altar, the painting's corners had to be cut off.

1940 - The Oblate Provincial, the Very Reverend Henri Routhier, requested that care of the Cochrane parish be granted to the Oblates. Father Joseph Lessard took up residence so that weekly services could now be held. In addition, Bottrel, north of Cochrane was added as a mission station with monthly masses held in the old Westbrook School.

1941 - A dispute arose over the correct name of the parish in Cochrane. It seems that Father Lessard claimed in letters to Bishop Carroll that he had found a record in the Oblate archives declaring that Father Leduc, the superior prior to Father Lestanc, had dedicated the Catholic Church to "St. Andrew" not "St. Mary." The issue was raised again in 1945 when Father Lessard informed the bishop that parishioners in Cochrane refused to accept the name of St. Andrew for their church and continued to call it "St. Mary" instead. Apparently, part of the name refusal arose from a sensitivity for friends at St. Andrew's Presbyterian who felt they had prior claim to "St. Andrew" the patron saint of Scotland. It was also suggested that Fathers Seltman and Hermes had preferred the name "St. Mary" and had arbitrarily changed it from "St. Andrew." Finally in 1950 the debate was resolved when Bishop Carroll notified Cochrane's pastor, Father Thomas Denis, that the diocesan investigation into Cochrane's parish name had already been clarified back in 1912 by his predecessor, Bishop McNally. Bishop McNally had received notes regarding the matter from Bishop Legal affirming that the church had definitely been dedicated under the title, "The Holy Name of Mary" in 1885. And that settled the name as "St. Mary's."

1945 - St. Mary's marked her 50th year and a Jubilee celebration provided the opportunity for parishioners to reunite with several of the original members of the parish who had returned for the event.

1946 - Father Lessard was transferred to a mission among the Blackfoot Crees.

1947 - Since there was no Oblate priest available to assume Father Lessard's position, the Cochrane parish was returned to the Calgary Diocese. Subsequently, Father Joseph LeFort traveled weekly from the bishop's residence in Calgary to St. Mary's till 1949.

1948 - St. Mary's ladies received a charter for a parish Catholic Women's League (CWL); however, no records of activity were kept. Bishop Carroll requested that the Franciscans set up closed retreats for men in the area and assume the administration of the Cochrane parish. Subsequently, the Franciscans purchased 171 acres of Harry McConachie's ranch including a mansion built in 1908 by his predecessor, Charles Wellington Fisher. The house sat on Manachaban, the name the Blackfoot gave to the Big Hill north of the Cochrane townsite. A Calgary realtor, Clair Cote, bought the remaining 165 acres of the ranch to donate to the Friars for their retreat site.

1949 - Bishop Carroll solemnly blessed the Mount St. Francis Retreat while the Franciscans, under the direction of Father Claude-Laboissier, Father Gilker, and Father Alban Hague, gave their first retreat to clergy from the Calgary Diocese. The first lay retreat of local businessmen followed a week later.

1949 - St. Mary's parish of Cochrane was under the jurisdiction of the Franciscan Friars. Father Thomas Denis (Father Tom) took up residence in the rectory beside St. Mary's, with Brother John Francis Tobin as housekeeper. The 1A highway created difficulty at this point because the St. Mary's rectory was located adjacent to the dangerous curve at the bottom of the long hill leading into the village of Cochrane. Numerous vehicles drove down the hill out of control or missed the sharp curve. At any rate, the rectory was hit many times and it became increasingly dangerous for Father Tom, the parishioners attending meetings, or the children attending catechism classes to be present on the site. In 1951 a truck carrying a load of heavy pipe hit the rectory, narrowly missing Father Tom.

1951 - Father Tom Denis was transferred and Father Wilfred Brazeau took charge.

1952 - Father Brazeau was transferred and Father Edwin Kuefler became the new pastor of St. Mary's in Cochrane.

1954 - The rectory was sold and moved. However, the church itself continued to take a battering from runaway vehicles, hail damage, and age deterioration. A new building was contemplated.

1956 - Finally after the sacristy of the church was badly damaged by yet another runaway vehicle, it was decided that a new, bigger building was required in a safer location.

1958 - Construction began on the second St. Mary's church. It was situated immediately north of the original church building on the same property and would seat 200 people. The overall building cost was $24,000.00. The church bell from the first church was retained and six stained glass windows from the former St. Mary's Cathedral in Calgary were donated. The Gissing painting of The Last Supper was stored.

1959 - The dedication of the second St. Mary's took place on March 8. Bishop Carroll blessed and dedicated the church. Later the Franciscan Order salvaged lumber from the first church and built a small replica of it on the grounds of their retreat at Mount St. Francis. It can still be seen there today.

1960-1964 - Father Kuefler was transferred and Father Gandolph Wagner O.F.M. served as pastor.

1961-1969 - The Franciscan Friars continued to offer weekly service.

1969 - Franciscan Father Paul Stack ministered to St. Mary's.

1970 - Bishop Paul O'Byrne was by this time responsible for the Diocese of Calgary. St. Mary's Cochrane was again returned to the care of diocesan priests. It was determined that the pastor at Cochrane would also administer to the Catholics of Water Valley at Christ the King Church. Consequently, from 1970-1972 service was provided for both parishes by Father Georges Bourque, D.P. and then by Father Louis Connelly, D.P.

1972-1979 - Basilan Father Robert Whyte, C.S.B., who also taught at St. Mary's Boys' School in Calgary, assumed responsibility for the parish. Weekly service was provided for parishioners. It was also the time when changes arising from Vatican II began to be implemented. The mass, no longer in Latin was now celebrated in English and the altar was turned so that the priest faced the congregation.

1973 - From 1958 until 1970 priests from Cochrane, including the Francisican Friars , had celebrated weekly masses at St. John Bosco Chapel in Bragg Creek (Camp Cadicasu). In 1973 it was rented by St. Mary's Cochrane for Saturday evening masses each week. By the late 1990's as many as 75 families were attending St. John Bosco on a regular basis. However, in 2000 the parish mission, St. John Bosco, was closed by the Calgary Diocese.

1978 - The town of Cochrane celebrated 75 years and St. Mary's along with other churches in the town were recognized for their contributions to the growth and development of a growing and prosperous town community.

1979 - The parish had outgrown its second building. So land was procured by the Diocese from the Franciscans at Mount St. Francis. The sod was turned on the site of a third St. Mary's church building in April of 1979. The new facility, built for about $550,000.00, would overlook the town from the north and would seat about 400. It retained the original bell, the six stained glass windows from the second church, and the old Gissing painting of the Last Supper that had been donated to the first church. Another diocesan priest, Father James Hagel, replaced Father Whyte in time to dedicate the completed new church along with Bishop Paul O'Bryne on December 8. The old church was sold to the town of Cochrane and renovated to become the Nan Boothby Memorial Library.

1979-1987 - During his tenure Father Jim (Hagel) guided St. Mary's toward maturity in the spirit of Vatican II. A number of new initiatives were undertaken: 1) the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.); 2) The Catholic Women's League (CWL); 3) the Marriage Encounter course; 4) the annual parish Renewal Weekend; 5) establishment and definition of a Parish Council and its standing committees; 6) a Youth Group; 7) the annual ecumenical Christian Unity services in Cochrane; 8) the Knights of Columbus - whose council is the custodian of Our Lady of Peace Mission cairn on the Elbow River site; 9) a Charismatic Prayer Group; 10) Old and New Testament study groups for adults; 11) teams of lay Ministers of Communion; 12) inclusion of girls to the ranks of altar servers; 13) the addition of a full-time parish secretary and pastoral assistant; 14) an annual spring Lenten Mission; 15) the distribution of Communion for special occasions, under both species of bread and wine; 16) production of a booklet of family photographs and a parish roster; 17) an ecumenical Walk-a-Christmas-Mile; 18) an Interfaith Choir; 19) a Cross and Rose ceremony on Good Friday; 20) sponsorship of a refugee family from Vietnam in 1980 and another family from Guatemala in 1984; and 21) meaningful Catholic/Anglican dialogue.

1987 - Franciscan Father Dwayne Mastrangelo, O.F.M. was the temporary replacement for Father Jim until Father Burke Hoschka arrived as the newly appointed diocesan pastor for the parish.

1989 – a group of friends from St. Mary’s Church, Cochrane who had young children – preschool and younger grades – were discussing the desire for our children to have a Catholic education. At that time, there was no Separate School Board in Rocky View. Discussions led to canvassing, voting, and eventually the formation of The Cochrane Catholic School Board.
Holy Spirit, our first school, opened in September 1993, with students from ECS (Kindergarten) to grade 8. Being a Catholic is a way of life, with many beliefs and expectations regarding morals, dignity, respect and love for each other, and many traditions, all part of a strong belief in the theology of the Catholic Church. We wanted this way of life for our children. The parishioners of St. Mary’s, with the kind support and assistance of Fr. Burke Hoschka, actively participated in the establishment and achievement of our goals of quality education, fully permeated with our faith. Al Campbell was the first principal, and many parishioners have served as trustees, teachers, school staff, and parent volunteers. An amalgamation of school boards in 1994 resulted in Cochrane Catholic Schools becoming part of Calgary Catholic Schools.
Now, we have three Catholic Schools in Cochrane – Holy Spirit, St. Timothy, and École Notre-Dame des Vallees – all dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning within a caring, faith-based school community. May God bless these children, and those who guide and care for them. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities for them – a Catholic Education!

1991 - St. Mary's now served 337 families while Cochrane expanded in population as a "bedroom community" for the city of Calgary. By 1999 a census showed that 75 per cent of the adult parishioners attending St. Mary's worked in Calgary!

1993-1996 - Expansion of the church facility was necessary in order to accommodate the growing parish. Renovations offered more space for offices and meeting rooms. As well, the parish Building Committee supervised the construction of a separate rectory. Everyone expected the third St. Mary's would be able to handle Cochrane's growth pangs for a good long time. However, God had other ideas.

1995 - Responsibility for Christ the King Church in Water Valley was transferred from Father Hoschka in Cochrane to the pastor of St. Agnes parish in Carstairs.

1995 - St. Mary's, Cochrane commemorated her 100 Year Anniversary on September 10, 1995. The committee of parishioners who planned the celebration worked diligently to highlight the year leading up to the actual event. Some of the special activities included: 1) production in April of a souvenir book, A Centennial Celebration 1895-1995 by Bev Pamenter; 2) planting of the Centennial Grove in May which was a family event followed by a luncheon and anniversary cake cutting; 3) a nostalgic Mass of Gratitude celebrated in June that included some Latin from the old-rite and several old-time hymns; 4) a gala celebration on September 9th for current and returning parishioners who enjoyed a banquet with speeches and dedications, a dance with many old-time favorites, and a fun-filled period costume contest; 5) the Centennial Mass on September 10th was officiated by Bishop Paul J. O'Byrne of the Diocese of Calgary and concelebrated with Father Burke Hoschka D.P. and Franciscan Father David Crosbie O.F.M.; 6) the Bishop blessed and dedicated Our Lady's Garden Grotto just beside the church; and 7) a Centennial Luncheon topped off the day.

1998 - Father Fred Monk was appointed pastor of St. Mary's, Cochrane.

1999 - Mission Mexico was established as an outreach project for St. Mary's under the leadership of Father Fred (Monk). Its goal was to build a new orphanage for 48 children in one of the most poverty-striken regions of southern Mexico in the village of Tlapa in the state of Guerrero.

1999 - With the rapid growth of the town of Cochrane came a corresponding increase in the number of Catholic families. It was clear that the church built in 1979 for 400 families could no longer provide for the influx of parishioners. Bishop Fredrick Henry saw the need for a new St. Mary's in Cochrane twice the size of the current building. A committee of parishioners set to work to accomplish the bishop's mandate.

2000 - The orphanage in Tlapa, Mexico was built and paid for through the generous donations and fund-raising of St. Mary's parishioners. Meanwhile, land was purchased as the site of the new St. Mary's church south of the town just east of Highway 22, overlooking the Bow River.

2001 - St. Mary's faith community endeavored to meet the needs of parishioners and their families by implementing a number of new lay ministries: 1) a funeral reception committee; 2) a ministry of care to deliver meals to the home-bound; 3) a monthly 50+ luncheon for socializing and enjoying guest speakers; 4) a Children's Sunday Circle for preschoolers aged three to five to learn about the gospel; 5) a Playgroup for parents with preschoolers; 6) a Children's Liturgy for kindergarten to grade two to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word using age-adapted materials; 7) a Pastoral Care Coordinator to organize a team of parishioners who could visit the sick and bring Communion to those homebound or in nursing homes or hospital; and 8) an Alpha Course to look at the Christian faith and the meaning of life.

2001-2002 - Mission Mexico had excess funds available to apply toward a new project, a much-needed residence and chapel for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Texcoco, near Mexico City. Other parishes in the Diocese began to team up with St. Mary's to help with the Texcoco venture and to subsidize fifteen small work projects designed to help the poor in southern Mexico support their families. The slogan for Mission Mexico became: "A loonie a week is all it takes to change lives." St. Mary's hosted Bishop Alejo and Father Cesar from Mexico when they came to visit the Calgary Diocese bringing thanks and prayers from the people of Tlapa, Mexico.

2001 - Bonnie and Deacon Al Hinger were welcomed to St. Mary's as a permanent deacon couple within the Diocese of Calgary. Previously assigned to Crossfield after his ordination to the diaconate in 1999, Deacon Al already knew Father Burke Hoschka and a little about St. Mary's in Cochrane. So when Crossfield's St. Francis church closed and went up for sale, he and Bonnie moved to Cochrane. In cooperation with Father Fred, Deacon Al served at Mass, gave homilies, presided at weddings, baptisms, and funerals and led prayer services. By this time, St. Mary's jurisdiction had expanded substantially as parishioners of Christ the King in Water Valley learned firsthand the reality of church closure and joined the faith family at St. Mary's in Cochrane.

2001 - All Saints Anglican Church purchased the current St. Mary's building and land for $1.6 million and generously agreed to wait to take possession until the St. Mary's community had a new building to move into.

2001 - A new parish mission statement was created: "We are a community of faith, trusting in God's love, open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit working within each member, attempting to model ourselves on Christ, and called to serve Him in others."

2002 - Ongoing dialogue and regular communication continued between parishioners and the Building Committee with its subcommittees (Program, Fundraising, Education and Communication) as planning for the new St. Mary's church moved forward. A major obstacle was waiting for the annexation by the Town of Cochrane of the land to the south of the Bow River in order that water and sewer services be provided at the new church facility.

2003 - The estimated cost of the new church was about $8 million for the first of two building phases. The main worship area of the church (Phase 2) Mission Mexico Logowould eventually seat 1000 people.

2003 - Mission Mexico was adopted by the Diocese of Calgary as an outreach project of all Catholics in Southern Alberta to assist one of the poorest regions in the State of Guerrero, Mexico. Its goal was to bring hope to the needy through funding micro-economic and education projects. As Mission Mexico's vision expanded, 38 parishioners from St. Mary's Cochrane responded to the call to build houses in the Parishioners build houses for the poor in Mexico. Tijuana area of northern Mexico. The house-building project took ten days including the traveling and construction time. St. Mary's parish generously contributed towards the expenses of this outreach charity through donations and fund-raising in the form of auctions and bake sales.

2004 - The Town annexation was complete. An ambitious fund-raising campaign in St. Mary's Parish began. The new church project was designed around the idea of a pilgrim journey, a journey from the secular to the spiritual. In addition, a new church motto was adopted stating, "The Spirit flows through it" to reinforce metaphorically the notion of the pilgrim journey. Artwork was collected and commissioned to create the story of the parish's transition.

2004 - Another Mission Mexico house-building team of teens and their parents traveled to northern Mexico where they constructed two more homes for needy families.

2005 - Work on the new church began in April. By September all of the Phase 1 construction was under way. This included: the Gathering Area, a 120-seat Day Chapel, the Administration Wing, the Meeting Rooms, and the 600-seat Hall to serve as the worship space for the next several years. Phase 2 would need to wait as funds became available and would eventually involve the construction of a 1000-seat circular Assembly or main worship area.

2005-2006 - Each of these years the Mission Mexico team completed house-building in northern Mexico. The Diocese declared the feast day of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in December as"Mission Mexico Day." School children and their teachers throughout southern Alberta embraced the opportunity to make a difference. Donations of loonies continued to help the orphanages, schools, hospitals, and families in southern Mexico's poorest areas.

2006 - Parishioners continued to volunteer in a spirit of Stewardship. They helped in countless ways as the Building Committee, and its sub-committees of Communication/Education, Art/Liturgy, and Fundraising all worked tirelessly toward the completion of the new church, the fourth St. Mary's in Cochrane. Golden Construction Management, Inc. assured everyone that the project was on schedule and the anticipated move would occur sometime in the Fall. However, the municipality was still wrestling with the issue of getting the water/sewage systems to the south side of the Bow River. Patiently, the members of All Saints Anglican waited through another Christmas in their temporary accommodation in Holy Spirit School's gymnasium while St. Mary's parishioners celebrated their last Christmas in the old church on the Big Hill. It would be the last year that Midnight Mass would require seating tickets to handle the huge crowds.

2007 - Finally, in the Spring, it was time to move. Farewell celebrations were planned at the old church to say goodbye to the home that St. Mary's had so loved for twenty-seven years. The memories were recorded and warmly shared. A gentle and sensitive transition was planned from the old and familiar to the new and somewhat unknown surroundings of a much larger structure. The pilgrim journey had progressed to the south hill overlooking the Bow River. The parish motto rang true and parishioners realized something about the new facility: "The Spirit flows through US." The soul of the parish, its people, remained constant despite a change in the worship space. Easter was a joyous celebration of faith. Planting and landscaping were accomplished with the help of a multitude of volunteers. The huge Gathering Area now held a book store (Connections) and coffee service (The Divine Grounds) which facilitated visiting after weekend masses. The Gathering Area and the Meeting Rooms were spacious enough to allow for groups preparing for the reception of the sacraments, for Bible Studies, social gatherings like the 50+ luncheons and funeral receptions, the Play Group, the Children's Liturgy, and meetings of the Knights of Columbus, the Ladies of St. Mary's, the Rosary Makers, and Prayer Chain members. There was space for silent auctions and even a Stewardship Fair. The Spirit truly flowed through this new space. Bishop Henry officially blessed the fourth St. Mary's on June 3, 2007.

2007 - In the summer Father Fred Monk received a transfer to Bow Island/Foremost in southeastern Alberta. Just as prayers, good wishes, and a farewell celebration were being showered upon Father Fred to wish him well, Father Bill Corcoran arrived in August from St. Peter's Parish, Calgary. The first Advent season and first Christmas masses were celebrated by Father Bill with his new parishioners. It was a time to thank God for His many blessings.

2008 - St. Mary's website was redesigned and went online early in the new year. A Book of Donors was created to recognize all those who had donated their time, talent or treasure in the building of the new church. A new Pastoral Council was inaugurated in January. In February a Lenten Mission was held to highlight the Eucharist and its importance on our pilgrim journey. Deacon Tom and Dianne On June 9, 2008 Bishop Henry ordained and appointed Deacon Thomas O'Toole to serve at St. Mary's, Cochrane. By the summer Deacon Tom and his wife Dianne were warmly welcomed by the parish community as a second permanent deacon couple. In his diaconate vocation Deacon Tom supports Father Bill and the parish through minitry of the Word, Altar, and Charity. Work continued on landscaping the area around our new church facility with a focus on the Sacred Garden. The new rectory constructed in the Villas around the Church, was completed and Fr. Bill was able to move in by the fall. The Ladies of St. Mary's and the Knights of Columbus organized a very successful fundraiser Oktoberfest raising $47,000 for the Parish. The Stewardship Treasure Council was formed to provide transparency to the Parish on all fundraising activities. Other changes included the re-activation of the Youth Group with a "kick-off" pizza lunch in December. Total Sacraments for 2008 included: 31 Baptisms, 43 First Communions, 40 Confirmations, 18 Weddings, and 4 Funerals.

2009 - Parishioners again displayed their commitment of giving a portion of time and using their specific talents to enrich our Parish faith community. The Stewardship of Treasure allowed work to continue on the Sacred Garden and through their support to fundraising activities like a Spring Fling and Oktoberfest; the kitchen facility was able to be completed. 2009 was an active year for the Youth Group having many organized events. The Ladies of St. Mary's Mother's Day Breakfast and the Knights of Columbus had a busy year with fundraising activities and pancake breakfasts for community spirit development. In July 2009 the Parish said good-bye to Deacon Tom O'Toole and his wife Dianne as they were assigned to a Parish in Calgary. The year also saw a change in the role of Music Director with Nathene Arthur taking on this ministry and a Youth choir was also formed. A 'Meet and Greet' social was held for new members of the Parish to welcome them into our faith community. During this year the Stewardship Treasure Council was amalgamated with, and became a newly formed Finance Council. Total sacraments for 2009 included: 34 Baptisms, 40 First Communions, 39 Confirmations, 9 Marriages, and 5 Funerals.

Gissing's Last Supper (1932-34) 2014 - GISSING'S "THE LAST SUPPER" (reproduced from The Cochrane Eagle Newspaper, June 5, 2014 and St. Mary's Bulletin of June 8, 2014)
Born in England in 1895, Roland GISSING arrived in Canada in 1913 and began working as a cowboy on various Alberta ranches. In 1924, Gissing became a horse rancher, homesteading on the Ghost River, at the junction of the Bow River, 20 miles west of Cochrane. Interested in painting since 1921, he was commissioned in 1932 by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Brant, AB and in 1934 by St. Mary's Catholic Church in Cochrane, AB to paint the scene of the Lord's Last Supper. He probably worked from a small reproduction of the original work by Leonardo Da Vinci. Twenty years later, Gissing would become well known painting the Alberta Landscape. Then, on March 17, 2007, St. Mary's moved to our new location. The previous Cochrane church became the new home for All Saints Anglican Church. Historically, Gissing's "The Last Supper" had always remained at St. Mary's locations. With historic sensitivity, All Saints graciously blessed its recent re-location [in the spring of 2014] to the newest St. Mary's. St. Mary's gratefully acknowledges All Saints historical appreciation. Gissing's painting is now displayed at St. Mary's. It is fascinating to remember those early pioneer days when Gissing's art was introduced to our Alberta churches. It is still valued and preserved today. [For more about Roland Gissing visit his website here.]

2014 - In June, Father Bill received a transfer to St. Pius Parish in Calgary, effective in August. St. Mary's held a fond farewell celebration for Father Bill in gratitude for his seven years of faithful service and wishing him a happy and smooth transition in his new assignment. It was at the same time that news of a replacement arrived. Father Andrew Pyon from Airdrie would be assuming his position as parish priest for St. Mary's in Cochrane. A message from our parishioners read as follows: "We, the parishioners of St. Mary's, wish to extend a warm welcome to our new parish priest, Father Andrew Pyon. Father Andrew, arriving from his former parish in Airdrie this past August, was formally installed by Bishop Henry as Parish Priest at St. Mary's Cochrane on September 7th. We wish Fr. Andrew all the best as he settles in to his new home here at St. Mary's and we look forward to getting to know him in the days and weeks ahead. God's blessings upon him!" Also, on September 7th, Bishop Henry blessed St. Mary's Sacred Garden. Since that time the brickwork in the Labyrinth section of the Sacred Garden has been completed.

2015 – In May 2015, ST. MARYS' was honored to receive the Alberta Masonry Council Design Award 2015 for the unique arches over the main entrance to the church. Read about the design and construction in the article from Construction Canada magazine (Oct. 2014, pp. 74-82). The parish held the first of many "Ethnic Dinners" planned to raise funds for the church mortgage. This event was called "The St. Athanasius Greek Dinner at St. Mary's" held on May 2, 2015 was a huge success. Authentic Greek music was presented by the nationally acclaimed REMBETIKA HIPSTERS. Then on July 26, 2015, St. Mary's held a Parish Picnic at Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch.
The Stations of the Cross were installed at St. Mary's in the spring of 2015 with the framing of each station done over the summer. The beautiful images depicting the Passion and death of Christ were commissioned by our parish and painted by renowed artist Bev Tosh. There are 16 stations in St. Mary's Way of the Cross, not the traditional 14. Do you know why? Find the answer on our PHOTOS/VIDEO page.

2016 – Another of our "Ethnic Dinners" fundraisers was held on January 9th at St. Mary's. The "Ukrainian Christmas Dinner 2016" was well-attended by parishioners and guests. Authentic Ukrainian music was performed by the Korinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, featuring Iryna, the instrumental soloist. The food was outstanding and the fellowship rewarding. A huge success, thanks to the organizers and cooks!! Have a look at the slideshow on our Photos/Videos page. Pope Francis had declared 2016 "The Year of Mercy" so St. Mary's responded in part with a "Works of Mercy Display," a beautiful exhibit of photographic art by parishioner Lou Perrin. The display was presented in the Gathering Area prior to Easter 2016. View the slideshow HERE —it illustrates, in photos taken by Warren Harbeck, the seven Corporal Works of Mercy depicted in Lou Perrin's wall display. Then in the Fall of 2016, it was time to really activate St. Mary's LABYRINTH in the beautiful SACRED GARDEN located just outside the west doors of the church. Back in April a video had been produced (narrated by Leslie Davies) to explain the labyrinth experience as part of St. Mary's Sacred Garden and instruction was offered to those wishing to fully participate in the labyrinth. In addition,with the help of a drone-camera the Sacred Garden was captured on a film narrated by parishioner, Mike Simpson. To see the video and film of the Sacred Garden and Labyrinth, click HERE.
And one more highlight of 2016, we welcomed the arrival of Deacon Dan Plamondon who was assigned to St. Mary's to assist Father Andrew with pastoral duties.

2017 – The Walk of the Cross was held once again on Good Friday (this year on April 14). It's an annual event in Cochrane for all Christian communities and St. Mary's has always played an important role. But this year the Walk of the Cross was recorded in photos by Warren Harbeck. To see the resulting slideshow, click HERE. Bishop Henry retired this year due to his health. However, he remained active for parish visitations and came out to St. Mary's during the Lenten season to speak to parishioners about "The Meaning of Lent." Hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, Bishop William McGrattan will succeed Bishop Frederick Henry as the 8th head of the Diocese of Calgary.
St. Mary's 10th Anniversary (in the new church) was celebrated on June 13th. Parishioners gathered with Father Andrew to celebrate the the ten-year anniversary of the blessing of St. Mary's Church back in 2007. The event was also an opportunity to thank our dedicated and hard-working Ministry Volunteers for their help throughout the year! It appeared to be the "year of retirement" because Father Andrew also announced he would retire early (due to health). With heavy heart, the parish held a grand Retirement Party for Father on July 22nd and presented him with a rather unique gift—a trip to Rome at a time of his choosing! (It wouldn't be until the spring of 2018 that Father Andrew was finally able to arrange his trip. He went to London and Paris and spent a week in Rome. His email to parishioners read: "I thank the parishioners of St. Mary's for giving me the opportunity to go to Rome for the first time.") Father Andrew left behind a beautiful statue of Mary in the Parish Office near the secretary’s desk. He said he didn’t know the name of the artist (from Korea), but said that the statue was given to him by someone to thank him for helping their family. Only three were made by the artist, and only this statue left Korea! Very special!
In August 2017, the Diocese of Calgary assigned Father Dennis Vavrek, omf as the Administrator of St. Mary's Parish. Since Father Dennis, a Franciscan priest, lived at the Mount Saint Francis Retreat just east of Cochrane, and since he commuted back and forth to St. Mary's, the "rectory house" adjacent to the church in the condo community just off River Drive was rented to a family in our parish.Then came yet another retirement! Longtime Parish Assistant and Sacrament Coordinator, Ken Hagel made the decision to retire, as well. A special "Farewell and Thank-You Celebration" was held to express St. Mary's gratitude for Ken's many, many years of service and to send him off into well-deserved bliss.

2018 – Another "Ethnic Dinner" fundraiser was held on January 6th. A second (the first one was in 2016) UKRAINIAN CHRISTMAS DINNER was a huge success as the Knights of Columbus and the Ladies of St. Mary's joined forces to treat us all to a WONDERFUL Ukrainian Christmas Eve! The joyful music, the delicious feast, and the YALENKA DANCERS to entertain us and share their culture with us, all combined to make the evening PERFECT!! Thanks to the planners and organizers, the incredible chefs, the servers, and the hosts! You made the evening a memorable experience for EVERYONE! Social Media at St. Mary's expanded some more this year. We've had a website and a FaceBook account for several years now, but we needed Twitter, too, and thanks to Darrryl Goyetche that happened! Then, because the "by-now-tradition" of St. Mary's "Ethnic Dinners" had been so successful, a "FILIPINO FIESTA" was held on April 14th, right after Easter. There were roughly 300 people in attendance, the largest count of attendees at our dinners, to date! To see some of the festivites, click HERE. This summer we became a two-deacon church when Deacon Ron Fortier arrived from St. Anthony's parish in Calgary to help out Deacon Dan and Father Dennis. Another special activity in the parish this year was the formation of committee to assemble the last 25 years of our church history. Next year, 2019, will mark ST. MARY’S 125th YEAR. Amazing!

What's next? Stay tuned as we of St. Mary's continue to build a history of serving and supporting the Catholic faith community here in the Cochrane area.


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