Altar Servers

For Catholics, nothing is more important than celebrating Mass together as a parish. For hundreds of years, young people have been helping to serve Mass by assisting the priest with vestments, lighting candles, ringing bells, holding the Sacramentary, saying prayers, and singing psalms. Altar Serving is an extremely rewarding and important ministry at St. Mary's. Three types of Altar Servers assist Father Bill with every mass: 1) Primary; 2) Secondary, and 3) Cross Bearer. Boys and girls who have celebrated their First Eucharist are eligible. One two-hour training session at the church is arranged by the Altar Server Trainer. New servers are included on a Ministries Mass Schedule mailed out 3–4 times a year.

Contact: Keith Schneberger
Phone: (403) 932-2720 or (403) 510-1675