Sacristy Team

This ministry sets up all the sacred articles that are used during Mass. Training is provided.
Sacristy Caretaker: All the vessels that are used during the masses are washed; the holy water fonts are washed and refilled; and the votive candles in the Day Chapel are replaced. Training is provided.
Sacristy Laundry: Since having the Eucharist under both species, we have been using more linens/towels. The used linens are picked up on the week-end or during the week by volunteers to launder and to return within the following week. Some training/instruction is required.

Coordinator of Sacristans : Barb Banham
Phone: (403) 932-1222

Coordinator of Caretakers: Linda Nicol
Phone: (403) 932-1804

Coordinator of Laundry: Bonnie Scott
Phone: (403) 239-0464